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Frequently asked questions

For a state-of-the-art Law Enforcement facility the cost would be between $16.2 and $18.6 million, depending on the number of beds. At present, Warren County is considering a facility with a 40 to 60-bed capacity. A final decision on the size of the facility will be made at a later date.

a. No. There are no cells in the Monmouth Police Department. All arrests made by the Monmouth Police Department are taken to the Warren County sheriff and jail.

b. Also, Illinois law requires the County’s sheriff to provide housing for all inmates arrested in Warren County.

a. The most important reason was that it would not have been cost effective. There was not enough land and it would have required the purchase and demolition of homes to the west of the existing police department.

b. The location is too close to the BNSF railroad tracks. While it is unlikely to happen, should there be a derailment involving the release of hazardous chemicals, it would be extremely difficult to evacuate inmates, deputies, and correctional officers in a timely manner. The result could lead to physical injury or even death.

No. Farm equipment, motor vehicles, basic groceries, prescription and non-prescription drugs, as well as drugs and other medical supplies for diabetics are excluded from this tax.

Yes. The County will issue 20-year bonds to finance the project accompanied by a “sunset clause”. A “sunset clause” means that when a certain event happens, the tax ends. In this case, when the bonds are paid off, the tax ends, which is required by Illinois law.

a. The Warren County jail will be closed by the State. It is not a question of if this will happen – it is only a question of when.

b. When the jail is closed, the County must transport and house inmates in another county. The tax that Warren County would be charged would be determined by the county receiving these inmates.

c. The need to transport inmates out of the County could also affect the amount of officers on patrol and delay response time to emergencies.

d. At least ten correctional officer jobs will be lost.

e. Your tax dollars will be sent to another county. 

f. People arrested in Warren County will be transported to the out-of-county holding facility by the arresting agency. This will increase the costs for these agencies by several thousands of dollars per year – particularly the Monmouth Police Department.

where to vote

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Swan Lake Pavilion

227 140 Str., Avon

Fire Station

1301 Berwick Rd, Berwick

Fire Station

645 Railroad Str., Cameron

Community Center

204 W. Palmer, Alexis

Fire Station

710 25 Ave., Swan Creek

American Legion

175 W. Penn Ave., Roseville

Town Hall

908 150 Ave., Monmouth

Oak Terrace Apts.

200 E. Harlem Ave, Monmouth

West Central Head Start

321 E. Euclid Ave, Monmouth

Immanuel Baptist Church

206 N. Sunny Lane, Monmouth

Maple City Baptist Church

325 E. 9 Ave., Monmouth

Gerlaw Christian Church

948 245 Ave., Gerlaw

Fire Station

125 S. Anderson, Smithshire

Town Hall

120 W. Cedar Str., Kirkwood

LY Fire Community Center

106 E. Main, Little York

Ballot Initiative Forum

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March 14th – 12:00 - 1:00